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Stephen Connolly’s work is a practice of cine-assemblage: people, place, history and texts
are brought together in an investigation of cinema and representation. His films have been
widely shown internationally since 2002.

Se Perdió 14 mins 2008"
Family Album and Other Images 29' HD 2020Machine Space 38 mins 2016 Eyrie 2015 Zabriskie Point (Redacted) 27 mins 2013
Más Se Perdió 14 mins 2008 Great American Desert 16 mins 2007 The Whale 9 mins 2003 Happy Valley 快活?2' 2005
Más Se Perdió 14 mins 2008 the reading room 3mins 2002 Postcard from Istanbul 6 mins 2002Más Se Perdió 14 mins 2008 Long Vacation (with Wittgenstein) 6mins 2001
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