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# 1.0 Moving Image as a 'production of space' : Machine Space >

# 2.0 The 'production of space' and time : Groundtruthing >

Machine Space is a film that explores Detroit as a place that has transitioned from the production of machines to the production of spaces. The city is constructed as a space through movement and circulation in moving image. The film is concerned with an apprehension of the world - the perceptive, cognitive and emotive response to our material surroundings. Groundtruthing continues this work with the addition of the passage of time.

These pages show the spatial-visual research informing both projects -

> #1.1 Machine Space is the surface area of a city devoted to vehicles. In the film, it's a metaphor for a cinematic investigation Detroit as a space of movement and circulation.

> #1.2 The traces of unequal access to work and finance distort the landscape of Detroit. The 1939 Residential Security Map can be projected onto the contemporary city, showing neighbourhoods refused finance.

> #1.3 A panorama of the downtown is visualised by camera/vehicle. A layered perspective of a space of finance and corporate power, the route traces the discriminatory mapping of the landscape.

> #1.4 Can an audience be addressed as complicit with the configuation of the urban landscape?

> #2.1 How can slow violence inflicted on an urban landscape be addressed in moving image?